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Project LocaLove is a concept that 11 year-old, Grayson, came up with to help the homeless and "repurpose with purpose." She and her family have always fed the homeless, but Grayson set out to do MORE. She has a heart for giving and for saving the earth, so this is how "Project LocaLove" came to be.

She has been collecting lunch boxes, from donations, to fill with necessary items for the homeless in our community and surrounding area. The idea completely took on a life of its own! She has several drop-off locations around the community where you can donate the requested items. She has hand-delivered numerous boxes, personally, as well as delivered to many local shelters and charities. As the donations come in, she fills the boxes and gets them out to a new location. Here are some of the items that go in to each LocaLove box :

  • Lunch boxes, lunch bags and lunch sacks 
  • Socks, Shampoo/conditioner, Sunscreen 
  • Lotion, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste 
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer 
  • Alcohol-free baby wipes or wet wipes (travel size), Soap, Chapstick, Deodorant 
  • Combs/brushes, Female sanitary products 
  • Hair-ties, Wash clothes, Manicure set 
  • First-aid kits, Gift cards for food, Flashlights 
  • Tissues,Hats,Scarves, Gloves, Ponchos 
  • Drawings or colorings from kids. Each LocaLove lunchbox has a piece of artwork from a local child... Grayson's favorite addition.

Her hope is that this movement spreads to other communities and each city can have their very own "LocaLove." Her compassion and generous heart are sure to change to world. We here at Fin First love to help our Myrtle Beach locals!! For every shirt purchased, the Fin First family will donate a lunchbox to the Project LocaLove cause!! Thank you for your support in this little girl's big dreams!!!