Our story


    The hubby and I have wanted to start a kid's t-shirt line for years.  As a photographer and an artist we concluded we were quite the dream team of creativity.  We wanted kids to have cool, colorful, one of a kind, hand drawn graphic tees and we wanted them to be perfect. We work hard and play hard, we love to be outdoors, we have a love for the ocean and we have aquired an addiction to traveling over the years.  When our son Fin was born, we knew we wanted to show him the world, and we wanted his very first birthday to start off with a bang, a t-shirt line in his name.  We found time before the sun rose and way after it set to come up with our Fin First line.  At the end of the day, our little family is just trying to enjoy this crazy ride called life and we want you to ride shotgun with us. Our company has proudly grown into a family friendly (from babies to grandparents) staple in many closets locally, around the country and even internationally.  

 As parents, we pray our children will stay true to their roots, have a hunger for the outdoors, be curious, get lost, dream big, crave independence, get dirty, hit the ground running, chase the endless summer, do big things, wander, stir things up, make waves, never look back and have no regrets.  We wanted to represent all of those things through our t-shirt artwork…. and so our brand was born, simply named FIN FIRST.