Plenty of Surfers - onesie

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Our creative director (aka: my hubby and Fin's daddy) has been working hard over here! He has been cranking out fresh, new designs over the break and I am loving them all *duh*. This one in particular was a collab of sorts. In talking with a local gal pal about raising strong, independent children, we cringed thinking about our kiddos being old enough for heartbreak. We threw around the quote about there being other fish in the sea and since both of our husbands are surfers we had fun with the wording but kept the meaning behind it. This design is a mixed media piece, part photograph, part ink and part watercolor. We wanted it to be a positive message (for all ages) and we wanted it to have one of our dreamy east coast sunsets. This design will drop next week. ☀️

***Turnaround time on orders will be 4 WEEKS!! Preorders will be taken every Monday. \