Never Let Them Tame You - onesie

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     Our CEO Fin's favorite place is the beach. The ocean calms his wild spirit. He adores the outdoors so much and we are so thankful for that. He waves at everyone we pass and always walks against the wind. This boy wasn't made for the hamster wheel and we proudly embrace that. He's fast, he's curious, he's smart, he's adventurous. He turns strangers into friends quickly, from babies to grandparents. He loves to hold hands and kiss faces. He loves music, animals and fresh air. He never sits still long and he takes in this wild world around him one breath at a time. His eyes tell a story and he has an old soul. He speaks a language all his own and teaches us daily to just live in the moment. He is a strong willed free bird. He tests our patience often. He worries us to death and surprises us daily....and every now and then we catch him standing still and we think, how boring. Thanks for being you kid, never let anyone take away your steam, never let them tame you. ❤️ Just like so many of our other designs, this one is for you kiddo. 

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