Isla (Teal) - youth

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"Why stand out when you were born to be different?" •Dr. Seuss• Four years ago at this time, we went down to the Florida Keys for our babymoon, taking a breather from our jobs and squeezing in some last minute one on one time with each other before Fin arrived. We visited all the keys but we really loved Islamorada, their roadside smoothie bars, their afternoon thunderstorms and all the sweet little shops that offered the best souvenirs from the Sunshine State. Plastic flamingos graced many yards and their little plastic heads bobbed in the warm breeze everywhere we went. We knew we wanted a frazzled, hand drawn fluff of feathers to be one of our designs as we anticipated warmer days on the horizon. Last year we welcomed our pink Isla to the family and we always love to keep everyone guessing with what we do. So we repainted inside her original outline the deepest shades of teal we could create. Hope you love this spin on one of our faves. Side note: if Fin would have been a girl his name would've been Isla, so the name for this design has double meaning for our little family.

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