Grow Against The Grain - youth

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   Since Fin was born, he did things his way. He pushed when we asked him to pull, he debated when we begged him to oblige, he wore his pajamas when we asked him to dress up, he stood up when asked to sit down and when we requested him to be quiet he spoke up. Since he could speak, he has questioned literally everything, looked at things with a wild perspective and has always walked confidently IN through the OUT door. He has never thought inside of a box, colored inside any lines and he jumped off of the hamster wheel on the very first spin. He speaks his mind without hesitation. We feel like the term “strong willed” doesn’t do him justice. He absolutely, 100% does.not.go.with.the.flow. Our boy was born to GROW AGAINST THE GRAIN….and we cannot wait to see the day that all of his unique qualities come into play for him….keep growing kiddo, but go easy on your tired parents. 🖤

***Turnaround time on orders will be 3-4 WEEKS!!