Dirty Myrtle - women's

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   25 years ago, the hubby and I left the mountains (and college) of East Tennessee to spend the summer in good ole Myrtle Beach. Jason worked as an ocean lifeguard, a job he would continue for seventeen years, and I started slow, slinging snow cones at the Caravelle….holla if you ever just wanted a job to be in the sunshine 👋🏽 We knew pretty quickly that we wanted to call this beach town home, there’s just something about this place. It comes alive in the summer with endless tourists, flashing fluorescent signs and hidden gems galore. We are quiet in the off season but our locals support each other and if you’ve ever had one of “those” days, our beautiful ocean will always greet you with a shoreline that’s pretty remarkable. Many of our designs are based on home sweet Myrtle, and while our town has been dubbed “The Dirty” you gotta realize that dirty isn’t always so bad 🤘🏽 


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