Come As You Are - pillow cover

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    Come as you are ✨ These four little words resonate with us. As parents trying our hardest to raise a well rounded, kind little boy in this wild world, all while keeping our little business afloat, we try to remember to not take all of this too seriously. Life is so short. We take a lot of deep breaths in this house. This page is the highlight reel, the good stuff. But you know what?! It’s pretty messy around here most days. It’s pajamas that turn into the next day’s outfit. It’s messy hair and just ordering pizza for dinner. It’s jeans that don’t fit like they used to and catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a year, because well, life.  It’s giving in to the iPad and reading books until we fall asleep. It’s overthinking and over doing it. We were such great parents before we were parents and such amazing business owners before we started a business. We are learning as we go. We hope most of you are reading this and nodding your heads like hell yesssss. We are all human. We are all doing our best. We all have dirty dishes in the sink and unmade beds. Don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel. Let’s go easy on one another and flash a smile when you feel like throwing in the towel. Go easy on yourself. We don’t care if your house is big or your car is fancy, we just care that you are real. So come as you are with your messy tired self, we will have your beer waiting for you. ✨

Our zippered pillow covers are an easy way to spruce up any room in the house! Perfect for bedrooms, playrooms and covered outdoor sitting areas. Mix and match or create a theme. 

They are 100% microfiber polyester and are washable. 

We recommend feather inserts so that the cover fits snug, can be fluffed and is super soft and comfy. These have always been our best sellers and we look forward to seeing them in your home. 

 * Turnaround time is 3 weeks. *