Alli Daye - youth

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A long time friend approached us to design a very meaningful piece this weekend. Her 16 year old niece Alli was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Burkitt's Leukemia. Everyone's world stopped as the news sunk in, how life would instantly change and how to move forward with treatment. They wanted a design that captured a few of Alli's favorite things...mermaids, the ocean and bonfires. The hubby put his ink to paper, hoping to pinpoint exactly what the family wanted in this design, this was certainly his most emotional piece.  We are printing and selling these shirts in hopes of spreading the word about this particular form of cancer.  20% of shirts sales from this design will be donated to Greenville Children's Hospital Oncology unit. We are wanting to spread the word about this type of cancer and created the hashtag #alldayestrong so that family, friends and strangers wearing this design can show their support for this sweet girl. We welcome this newest, most heartfelt piece of art with open arms and a lot of tears....ladies and gentlemen, meet Alli Daye. ❤

***Turnaround time on orders will be 4 WEEKS!! Preorders will be taken every Monday.