Long Live Long Haired Boys - toddler

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Home of the ORIGINAL Long Live Long Haired Boys design🤘🏽

Do you know what it's like having a long haired boy? It's crazy questions day in and day out. It's getting called a girl on the regular or getting looks like we are crazy parents for letting our boy's hair flow. The length of someone’s hair doesn’t determine what type of person they are. Whether your hair is long, short, purple, spiky, shaved, curly straight or messy....embrace it. Rock it. Own it!! Every once in awhile, we get a wink or a nod or a high five, encouraging our fella to keep rocking those locks. That is why we hand painted this simple design years ago, for Fin and all his friends across this crazy wide world that enjoy having long hair. And you know what? When the day comes that he says he wants a mohawk or a mullet, we’re all in. 👊🏽

Embrace the mess. Endure the questions. Accept the uniqueness. Always be an individual, stay wild and stay YOU….long live long haired boys!!✊🏽

 ***Turnaround time on orders will be 4 WEEKS!! Preorders will be taken every Monday.