The Green School Bus

The Green School Bus


   The urge to travel is in our bones, the further away the better....but sometimes just an overnight getaway down the road a bit is all we need to revive our overworked bodies and reboot our systems. We stumbled on a little green bus just outside of Charleston on John's Island (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/11555963), tucked in some mature bamboo and backed up to a nature's preserve.  We are always down for an adventure, and this little gem hit the spot.  Once we finally arrived after passing the hidden driveway a handful of times, we were greeted by the owner Johnny and his dog Raisin, handed some tomatoes off the vine in his garden and given a grand tour of his old converted "skoolie".  We were instantly amazed.  This place was so unique and it was a hit with Fin and our dog Ollie.  We had a private porch and a shower/toilet combo surrounded by trees and birds.  The little green bus sat nice and comfy in the back of a compound of sorts, very private but certainly a more glorified way of camping.  The Angel Tree is just down the street and Botany Bay is an hour away, both sights that should be added to your bucket list. The bed slept great, the a/c was a treat and not having a TV was even better.  

     The next morning we shared some coffee on the front porch of the owner's tiny house, built with reclaimed materials and truly another sight that shouldn't be missed.  We shared a few stories of travel, talked about living simply and said our farewells.  Travel doesn't have to be elaborate or far away, it is all about the journey.  Every now and then, Fin will ask about the sweet dog Raisin and the green bus...hoping this little trip will be tucked in his memories.  





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