Fin's room

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Fin's room


I have always had an eye for balance, maybe a slight obsession with organization and a a *tiny* love for an unnecessary amount of pillows.  Before Fin was born, we decorated his nursery with a theme based on travel, local antique store finds and goodies from our continent hopping adventures.  This theme has certainly carried through into his big boy room, even though it is much harder to keep clean these days.  His book collection has grown tremendously and on occasion Fin even helps clean up his messes.  


We change out his frames with our Fin First artwork and occasionally switch out his pillow covers to freshen up the look, both compliments of his dad's artistic skills.  So far, all of his sheet sets have been from Target, they are so affordable and their themes are to die for, that place never disappoints!  His teepee was handmade by his grandpa and the low sitting bed was made by the hubby.  The FIN lights were a gift at his baby shower from our pals over at Vintage Marquee Lights and have always been his night light.  We purchased his dresser at a little antique shop on a whim, I fell in love with the vintage copper knobs but the height was all wrong, as we needed it to be a changing table in the beginning.  So the hubby built a box and attached it to the bottom of the dresser, and voila....perfect height.  

I know the days of me being in charge of how his room looks will be short lived, and soon his taste will change to super heros and hand written "keep out" signs, but until then, Fin's room is one of my favorite places to sit and read a book about deep sea fish with my favorite kid on the planet.




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