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I believe that the hubby was a chef in another life....maybe a cool food truck chef parked ocean front, tossing around fresh ingredients and sipping on a nice cold one. We are always looking for colorful, healthy recipes to eat on the go or take to the beach.  Whether the recipe comes from YaYa's hand me down secrets, magazine tear outs or good ole Pinterest, we have accumulated quite the collection over the years.  Today we were both craving something that made us feel like we were on a vacation.  We landed on handmade tortilla chips, fresh guacamole and a couple cervezas.  Below you will find the process to the handmade tortillas, from one of our new favorite foodie websites.  


We chose to flavor our tortillas with Sriracha, kale, turmeric, paprika and cilantro.  Once the tortillas were cooked on the skillet (just like pancakes), we cut ours into little triangles.  Then we tossed them in a huge mixing bowl, splashed in some liquid coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt and toasted them in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.  Keep an eye on them, the thin ones cook fast (we like the crispy ones though).  

Now, the good stuff.  Our homemade guacamole.....I could live off of avocados alone so two bowls have to be made.

  • Smash up two avocados in a mixing bowl.  We use a potato masher ;) 
  • Add a splash of fresh lime juice and sprinkle of sea salt to taste. 
  • Add in half of a diced jalepeno, 1/4 of a medium size red onion and a teaspoon of cilantro.  This gal does not eat onions so I get my own bowl sans onions. Top of with your favorite hot sauce.  Buen provecho!!






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  • Kathy

    You 2 never cease to amaze me.. such talent between you to..& so healthy..Fin makes a cute model

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