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     Welcome to our very first blog post!    We wanted to have a spot where everyone could come to take a peek into our whirlwind of a life.  Some days are a total wash but some days are worth sharing. We wake up early and go to bed late, we work full time jobs as a photographer and a graphic designer, we operate our Fin First shirt business, we are raising a strong-willed redhead that we all know as Fin and we are currently learning to embrace the bags under our eyes.  In between the little sleep we get we try to live life to the fullest and on a budget.  From the meals we grill, our random road trips, the home renovations projects we take on, our walks to the beach, the passport stamps we collect, our good days and our not-so-good days.  We moved from the mountains to Myrtle Beach almost twenty years ago and we never looked back. We adore the ocean. We love the water. We don’t let a day pass without stepping in the sand. Rain or shine, too hot or too cold, count us in. Sunset, sunrise…we’re there. We named our son Fin as a nod to the ocean.  We chase the endless summer.  We wanted to share our real life with you to show you that, without a doubt, life isn’t always perfect but we make the best of it.  Welcome to a little slice of our pura vida, so glad you stopped by. 









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