Our turnaround time is 4 weeks, worth the wait!


     As I’ve mentioned before, we chase the endless summer around here.  We live just a few blocks from the ocean and we make it a point to step in the sand at least once a day.  The beach is our breath of fresh air.  I recently had a rare morning where the boys were still sleeping, so I poured my coffee faster than usual and ran across the street to the ocean.  Not a soul around.  Not one sound other than the tide going out.  I could almost hear the sun rising. It was painfully silent.  It was the first time in a long time that I actually finished my coffee.  Those ten minutes alone allowed me to come back full force, ready to tackle the day.

    That was all I needed, right in the middle of the whirlwind that is our daily life, that little bit of silence.  We work way too hard, get way too little sleep and never stop to just take it all in.  We just go go go.  My moment of clarity that morning was that everything that needs to happen on a daily basis, the dishes, the laundry, the perfect hair day, the meal prep, the photo editing, the vacuuming, the shirt shipping, the closet cleaning, the leaf raking, the dog walking, the pillow fluffing…those are all small things that will get done when they get done.

    The big picture is our family and slowing down to enjoy each other, and while it’s a work in progress, we take it day to day.So although I snuck to the beach that one quiet morning, when I returned to the utter chaos that met me at the front door, I just smiled and poured myself another cup of coffee.





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